What Do I Need To Do?

To set up Daybook:

  • Security Rights - Ensure all staff have security access to Daybook, from Management Tools - Control Panel - Security, see Security for details.
  • Staff Groups - Create appropriate staff groups so that you can allocate Tasks more effectively, see Managing Staff Groups for details.
  • Tidy Reminders - Before using Daybook for the first time, it may be a good idea for you to tidy the yellow reminders that display in Consultation Manager and Appointments. Depending on how you have created these reminders you may need to do this via Clinical Audit or Patient Groups.
  • Set up RBAC (For RBAC enabled practices in England), see Security - England for details.
  • Set up Task Templates - The set up of Task Templates is highly recommended to speed up the creation of Tasks, see Adding a New Task Template for details.
  • Training - See your Account Manager about the different training and consultancy options available to you.
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