Northern Ireland Key Information Summary (NI KIS)

The Emergency Care Summary Management allows important patient information to be electronically shared with clinicians who do not have access to the core GP information. Dependant on patient consent, relevant information is extracted from your clinical system and is uploaded as part of a scheduled upload to the SCI Store ready to be used if and when required.

In conjunction with NHS Northern Ireland we have introduced an amalgamated and enhanced approach to Emergency Care Summary (ECS) extracts in order to simplify and speed up the process.

The main advantages of the Emergency Care Summary Management screen are:

  • Combined interface for Emergency Care Summary (ECS), Key Information Summary (KIS) and Palliative Care Summary (PCS) data entry.
  • Traffic light indicator of patient consents for ECS and KIS to enable easy identification of transmission status.
  • Fast update of consent status within the ECS Management screen.
  • Easy visibility of data common to both KIS and PCS.
  • Tick box selection of Medical History to include in upload.
  • List patients with KIS or PCS summaries from within the ECS Summary Management screen.
  • Direct access to the existing Palliative Care reports.
Note - Please contact your health board to enable the new KIS screen.
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