Licence Manager

Licence Manager is a web-based tool which allows administrators to manage the licence allocation for Vision Anywhere mobile devices.

From Licence Manager you can:

  • View licensed devices.
  • Revoke licences.
  • View licence requests.
  • Block devices from registering.
  • View blocked devices.
  • Unblock blocked devices.

Registering Devices

Providing your practice has licences available, the first time a device successfully logs onto Vision Anywhere it is automatically registers with Licence Manager.

If licences are not available the user is informed of this, and the practice can either arrange additional licences, or revoke an existing licence using Licence Manager.

Once a device has been registered, the licence remains associated with the device until it is revoked, or there is a factory reset on the device.

On login Vision Anywhere checks there is a valid registration for that device.

See Using Licence Manager for details.
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