Database Reconciliation

It is necessary to match your TP and GP registration databases before Registration Links can be used. Until this match is achieved, the exchange of day-to-day amendments, additions and deductions data via the Link cannot be carried out.

To complete a database reconciliation, you must:

The download/upload exercise may have to be repeated several times until final reconciliation is achieved.

While waiting for a reply upload, the practice may continue to add new patients and make amendments. Once the upload has been processed, a transmission session can be run.

If the TP is active but not yet linked, transactions are still handled manually rather than electronically, standard forms can be printed of each amendment or addition, to send to the TP. If the TP is electronically linked, then the additions and amendments are transmitted to the TP as transactions.

Only when the two patient databases are reconciled, can the day-to-day exchange of registration transactions take place, at which time the practice activates the link.

It may well be that the database comparison becomes a regular exercise at, say, six monthly intervals, to monitor the TP/GP Link to ensure continued 100% data integrity.

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