Dispensing Multiple Flavours

To dispense multiple flavours of one item:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select eMessages . The eMessages screen displays.
  2. Select the Requires Dispensing filter:

  3. Select the appropriate prescription and select Dispense. The Dispensary screen displays:

  4. Press Enter on your keyboard to search for the item. The Select Product screen displays.
  5. Select the first flavour required, for example, Chocolate. Select Next :

  6. The Dispensary screen displays.
  7. Select Item and Select Multiple Items. The Select multiple items screen displays:

  8. Specify the number of flavours to be dispensed, for example, 4 :

    Note - For this example we will dispense 6 packs of 4 individual flavours, adding up to 24 packs .
  9. Change the Quantity Dispensed for the first flavour to 6P:

  10. Select the second item, enter the all or part of the product name, for example, Ensure Plus Advance, and press Enter on your keyboard. The Find Product screen displays:

  11. Select a different flavour, for example, banana, and select OK.
  12. Change the Quantity Dispensed for the second flavour to the required amount, for example, 6P:

  13. Repeat steps 12-15 for the remaining items:

  14. Tick the Combine to one label box.
    Note - If you do not tick the Combine to one label box, a label will be printed for each pack, for example, 6 labels for each flavour
  15. Select OK .
  16. A blue cross displays to show that you are dispensing multiple items. You can select this icon to edit your flavours and quantity if needed:

  17. Enter the appropriate Direction, for example, Take as directed:

  18. Select Confirm and then select Finish .
  19. The labels print off and the Endorsement screen displays, showing the multiple flavours dispensed.
  20. Complete the endorsement in the usual way:

Dispensing Multiple Flavours for One item (2:09)