Fulfilling an Owing

To fulfil an owing:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select Owings .
  2. Optionally, select Date and set a date range to display.
  3. Highlight the appropriate Owing and select Prepare .
  4. The Prepare owing screen displays, complete as required:
    • Dispensed as - Update if required.
    • Quantity Disp - Update to partially dispense the item(s).
    • Owe - If required, use to create a further owing:

  5. Select Prepare to print the item and any further owing label(s).

When a Patient Collects Their Medication

  • When a patient collects their owed medication, from Owings, highlight the owing and select Collect .

  • If a patient does not collect a prepared owing, simply select Remove to return the item to stock.

Note - A patient owing displays on the Owings screen until marked as collected or removed.

Creating and Completing an Owing (3:40)