Editing an MDS supply

Editing a Dispensed MDS Item (1:03)

To edit an MDS supply:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select MDS .
  2. From the Care home drop down menu, select the required Care home.
  1. From This Period, navigate to the date cycle you wish to edit the MDS supply for:

    • Navigate to future dates by selecting the Forward button.

    • Navigate to historic dates by selecting the Backward button.

  1. Select the required patient and select View Cycle :

  1. The Patient Cycle screen displays, select the item you want to edit:

  1. Select Edit Supply .

  2. The Edit Dispensed Item screen displays. Select Yes :

  1. The Dispensary screen displays populated with the prescription details. Update the details as required:

  1. Select Finish .