Dispensing Electronic Prescriptions - MDS

To dispense an electronic prescription for MDS patients:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Side Navigation Bar select MDS .
  2. Select either Care Homes or Community Patient as required and select the relevant care home/community patient grouping from the drop-down.
  3. Select the required patient and select View Cycle :

  4. The Patient Cycle screen displays:

  5. From Period, navigate to the cycle date you wish to dispense the medication for:

    • Select Forward to navigate to future dates.

    • Select Backward to navigate to historic dates.

  6. Select the prescription from New eMessages and select Add to Cycle :

  7. The Patient Selection Wizard displays. Select Next and then select Finish :

  8. The Dispensary screen displays:

    Patient, Prescriber and No. Items populate by default, according to the prescription.

  9. Within Written as, select Enter to search for the prescription item using the dm+d code. The prescription item displays:

    Quantity and Dispense as display by default, according to the prescription:

  10. Enter the Directions using dose codes, for example, 1 space M space, for One to be taken in the MORNING.

    Note - If the Directions are entered manually, Pharmacy Manager will not populate the medication times on the MAR chart or the cassette sheet with the required dose. Dose codes must be used when entering the directions.
  11. Either select the next to Item or press F8 on your keyboard, to open the Prescription Item Details screen:

  12. Enter the necessary details as required:

  13. Select OK .

  14. Finish dispensing the prescription as normal.

  15. Select Finish to complete the prescription.

  16. A green tick displays next to the patient's name indicating that items have been dispensed:

  17. Select the patient again and select View Cycle to view the Patient Cycle screen.

    See View Options to change the default action the system will perform when returning to the MDS screen after dispensing from the Dispensary screen.

    The dispensed medication displays:

Dispensing Electronic Prescriptions for MDS Patients (4:51)

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