User Management

The User Management screen displays a list of users added to Pharmacy Manager. With the correct level of access you can add, delete or amend users:

  • An administrator can reset the password for any colleague regardless of their status.

  • A non-administrator can only reset the password for another colleague with the same non-administrator status.

To access the User Management screen:

  1. From the Pharmacy Manager Toolbar, select Tools - User Settings - User Account Management:

  2. The User Management screen displays:

    From here you can view the following:

    • User ID - Displays the User IDs.

    • Administrator? - Displays whether the user is an administrator or not.

    • Last Logged In - Displays the last time the user logged in.

    • State - Displays whether users are Active or Deleted.

      Training Tip - Toggle whether deleted users display from Include deleted accounts.
    • Questionnaire State - Displays as:

      • Active - Security questions are set.

      • Not set! - Security questions are not set.

      • Locket out! - User has entered the incorrect answers three times in a row and are locked out. See Security for details on how to reset their questions.

    Select the user required and select from the following:

    Training Tip - The options you are provided with depend on your access level and please note you cannot access the details for your own account.
    • Add - To add a new user, see Adding a User for details.

    • Delete - To delete the selected user.

    • Details - To amend the user details, what you can do depends on your level of access. See Amending User Details for details.

Select Close to leave without making any changes.

Amending User Details

Depending on your level of access you can amend another user's details from the User Details screen:

Training Tip - You cannot amend the details for your own account.

The following options are available:

Select OK to save the changes.

Note - To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.