Setting Up Default Times and Dose Codes

For Pharmacy Manager to correctly print MAR and labels/cassette sheets, you must set up dosage codes and administration times. These should be set up before doing any MDS /nursing home prescriptions.

Default Times are a global setting, there is no need to do this for each home. The  only time you may need to add/update one is if a particular home does its rounds at a different time from the defaults.

To set up the dosage codes and administration times:

Note - Each system must be set separately.
  1. From Pharmacy Manager, select Tools - Nursing Home Defaults.
  2. Select the system type:
    • Nomad
    • Cegedim Rx Own
    • Manrex
  3. The Nursing Home Defaults - (system type) screen displays with the default dosage codes and administration times:

  4. To update any time or dose code highlight the line required and select Edit.

  5. The Enter Time screen displays:

  6. Update as required:
    • Time - Over type to update.
    • Code/Description - Select either:
      • Add, to add a new Code/Description, the Find Direction screen displays, press <Space> and then Find to display the Description list. Select the description required and select OK.
      See Adding a direction if you need to add a new dose code and description.
      • Remove to remove a Code/Description.
Note - Add is disabled if the maximum number of administration times for the selected system type is reached, six for Nomad and four for Manrex.
  1. Select OK.