Accessing the Settings Screen

To access the Settings screen, select Options next to your account name and then select :

The Settings screen displays:

Settings - Controlled Drug Stock Check Reminder

To enable a Controlled Drug stock check reminder:

  1. Place a tick in Enable Stock Check Reminders:

  2. In Mark Stock Checks as overdue after "X" weeks select from the list when you want the stock check to be marked as overdue:

  3. Select Confirm to set the stock check reminder.

Once enabled a Stock Check column displays on the Controlled Drug Registers screen:

The Stock Check column displays the following:

  • Not checked - The stock is not checked, only applicable for new items.

  • Checked - The stock check is complete.

  • Check due in n day(s) - The stock check is due in the displayed number of days.

  • Check due today - The stock check is due today.

  • n day(s) overdue - The stock check is overdue by the displayed number of days.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.