Recording the Supply of a Controlled Drug

To record the supply of a Controlled Drug:

  1. From the specific Drug Register screen, select RECORD ENTRY - Supplied:

  2. The Supplied Entry screen displays:

    Complete as follows:

    • Entry Details:

      • Date - Defaults to today's date.

    • Patient Details:

      • Patient Name

      • Patient Address

    • Supply Details:

      • Quantity

      • Entry Made By - Automatically populates with the logged in user details. Update the details manually if required.

      • Entry Checked By

    • Prescriber Details:

      • Name

      • Address

      • Ref No

    • Collection Details:

      • Method of Collection - Select either Collected by patient, Collected by representative or Delivered. Depending on your selection the following sections display and should be completed:

  3. Check the Balance Preview, in the Balance Details section, is correct:

    Select OK to save the entry or CANCEL  to leave without saving any changes.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.