Logging in to Pharmacy Operations

To log in to Pharmacy Operations:

  1. From your Internet browser, enter https://ops.pharmacy-manager.co.uk/ and press Enter.

    Important - Internet Explorer is not compatible with Pharmacy Operations.
  2. From the Log in screen enter your Username and Password, provided by Cegedim Healthcare Solutions:

    Note - Pharmacy Operations shares the same log in details as customers using Pharmacy Services.
    If you are a locum, see Logging in to Pharmacy Operations as a Locum for details on logging in.
  3. Select LOG IN .

  4. The Controlled Drug Registers screen displays.

    See Controlled Drug Registers for details.
Note - Any issues with logging in to Pharmacy Operations, see Contacting us for support for details.

Automatic Account Lockout

If you enter your Username and/or Password wrong five times, you are automatically locked out of Pharmacy Operations. The system sends an email to notify you of this, and to try again after five minutes.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.