How do I register for Patient Services?

Before you can use the full online services offered by your GP practice you must:

  • Collect your registration letter - Request and collect a registration letter from your GP practice
  • Register Online - This creates your user profile on the website so that you can login, see How to Register Online
  • Activate your Patient Services account - This links your user details to your Practice and verifies the email address you are using
Important - Ensure you have your online services registration letter from your GP before starting this process.

To register as a new Patient Services user:

  1. From your internet browser, go to
  2. From the Patient Services Welcome screen, click Register.
  3. Providing you have received a Registration letter, select Yes.
  4. Enter the Practice ID from your letter.

There are two different methods of registering to use the online patient services your surgery has enabled, which you are offered depends on the version of software your surgery is running.

Note - If you have any problems with the clinical aspect of your Patient Services account, please contact your practice. If you are having any technical difficulties please select the Contact Website support link at the bottom of the Patient Services webpage.
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