How do I Request Repeat Prescriptions?

Note - This functionality is only available if your GP Surgery has enabled it.

To request a repeat prescription:

  1. Log in to in the usual way.
  2. Select My Prescriptions .
  3. Under Request New Prescriptions - Available Repeat Prescription, tick the medications you want to order.
  4. Select Request .
  5. The Confirm Your Request screen is displayed.
  6. Check the items you have ordered and add a message if required (max 1000 characters) and if enabled by your surgery. Please be aware, messages added to a request may be viewed by non-clinical staff.
  7. Select Confirm to send your request to your GP Practice.
  8. Once the request successful message is displayed, select Sign Out to exit Patient Services.

Please contact your GP practice if you cannot order the repeat prescription you need.

Please Note - Your prescription processing is handled by your GP Surgery and should be collected in the usual way.
Note - To print this topic select the Print button in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.