How do I book an Appointment?

To book an appointment:

  1. Log in to in the usual way.
  2. Select My Appointments, and the Appointment screen is displayed showing any appointments you already have booked.
  3. To book a new appointment, click + Add New Appointment.
  4. The Appointments Search Filter screen is displayed, to fine tune the appointments displayed, select your preferences.

  1. The slots matching your request are displayed. If there are no appointments available a 'Why are there no Appointments?' link is displayed, this links to Appointments help and advises you to contact your surgery.
  2. Select Book against the appointment you require.
  3. The Confirm your booking screen is displayed. Check the details carefully, if your surgery has enabled the facility, you can enter a Reason for the appointment if you require. If the appointment you are booking is a Travel Clinic appointment, select the country you are visiting.
  4. Select Confirm to book the appointment.
  5. The Appointment Booked Successfully screen is displayed along with your appointment details.
  6. (Optional) Select Save to Calendar to save the details to your electronic calendar.
  7. (Optional) Select Print to print your appointment details.
Note - If your practice has enabled reminder emails/SMS, you receive a reminder email/SMS before your appointment is due. If your appointment booking fails, the "Your booking was not successful, there was an error while attempting to book your chosen appointment" message is displayed. Click Add New Appointment to reselect and book the appointment.
Note - To print this topic select the Print button in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.