Generating History Entries

From Patient Groups, you can add a clinical term to all the patients in a group.

Important - This function must be used with caution as there is no way to bulk undo this process.
Note - You must have rights to add clinical data in Consultation Manager to use this facility.

To bulk add a Medical History entry to the clinical record of every patient in a group:

  1. From Patient Groups, select the patient group you want to add a clinical term to.
  2. Select Group Applications - Generate History, or select Generate History :

  3. Select the group required. If you have created a Work Group, you can select that over the selected group:

  4. A brief screen displays confirming how many patients are in the group, followed by the History Add screen.
  5. Complete the History - Add screen in the usual way with the clinical term, priority and any free text required.
    Remember - This entry is identical for every patient.
  6. Select OK to proceed.

The entry is added to all the patients in the group. If a patient is open elsewhere, you are warned that they are not updated.

Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.