Label Printing

You can generate Address labels for a group of patients.

To create address labels for a group:

  1. From Patient Groups, highlight a group in the list.
  2. Select Print Labels and a drop-down of available groups displays:

  3. Select the group required and the Print patient labels screen displays:

  4. Decide how many labels you want to print for each patient - the default is 1.
  5. In Label Format drop-down, choose the size of label for your printer:
    • Laser - L7164 (6.35 x 7.2 cm).
    • Laser - L7163 (9.9 x 3.81 cm).

    For example, Laser - L7163 (9.9 x 3.81 cm) are two column labels with 7 per column, and 14 per page.

  6. Select Do you wish to check label alignment to preview the labels.
  7. Select Print Options to select Printer.
  8. Place the labels in the printer.
  9. Select Print and the name(s) of the patient(s) display.
  10. Select Print .
  11. Select OK.
  12. When finished, select Close.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.