Generating Recalls and Letters

Generate Recalls quickly mail merges a template letter with a group to produce recall letters, for example, immunisations.

Template letters for recalls are created from the Vision 3 front screen - Utilities - Word Processor:

  1. Highlight the group to be targeted from the list.
  2. Select Generate Recalls and the Group Recalls screen displays:

  3. Optionally, generate a recall for each patient, select Create to choose the clinical term for the recall.
  4. Select Create to add a recall letter template, the Document Merge screen displays.
  5. Select Browse to find a template:

  6. Select OK to proceed.
  7. Optionally, select View to preview the letter.
  8. If required, enter a comment in the Summary box, this displays in the patient's record.
  9. The Consultation Details default to today, and the Clinician and Authoriser are used to create the entry in the patient record. Update as required.
  10. The Print Order defaults to Patient Surname, if preferred tick Postcode.
  11. Select OK to return to the Group Recalls screen.
  12. Select Start to generate the letters and recalls.
    Note - If you enter a number in the Limit processing to box - there is not a restart option.
  13. A prompt displays on completion, select Tick All to save a copy of the letter in the patient's record.
  14. Select OK to finish:

  15. If required, print address labels for each patient.
See Generating Recalls and Label Printing for details.
Note – To print this topic select Print in the top right corner and follow the on-screen prompts.