Navigating Patient Groups

Patient Groups allows you to create, manipulate and manage groups of patients.

The Groups Applications can then be used to generate:

  • Reminders
  • Clinical data
  • Letters
  • Recalls

A patient group can also be used within Searches and Reports and Consultation Manager:

When Patient Groups opens the following options are available:

  • View Patients from multiple Group(s) - Firstly, double click on each group to select.
  • View Highlighted Group - Displays the patient list for the current group.
  • Patient Select - Manually select patients to create a group.
  • Make Work Group - Make a group into a Work Group, then use a secondary group to merge, combine, include or exclude patients.
    See Create a Work Group for details.
  • Select an audit line - Select a group from the Clinical Audit browser.
  • Sort Alphabetically by name - Sorts the list of groups alphabetically.
  • Sort by Count - Sorts the list of groups by number of patients in the group.
  • Sort by Date - Sorts the list of groups by date created/last modified.
  • Set Filter - Refine the display of groups, for example, groups you have created.
  • Clear Filter - This is only active if a filter is set
  • Generate Labels - See Label Printing for details.
  • Generate Recalls - See Generating Recalls for details.
  • Add History Entry - SeeGenerating History Entries for details.
  • Close


Select any of the column headers to change the sort order of the groups:

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