Audit Report

Audit Report allows you to run searches for recorded and deleted records on any Vision 3 patient entities and print out the resultant audit report.

To run an audit report:

  1. From the Vision 3 front screen, select Management Tools - Audit Report .
  2. The Audit Report screen displays:

  3. Complete as required:
    • Select Entity - Highlight the entity you want to search on from the available list, to select more than one, hold down the Control key and select all the entities you require.
    • Audit Criteria:
      • Patient - (Optional) Select an individual patient's record by double clicking in Patient to trigger the Patient Select screen and then select the patient in the usual way.
      • Date from/To - (Optional) Specify a date range if required.
      • Time from/To - (Optional) Specify a time frame if required, usually used in conjunction with a date range.
      • User - (Optional) Select a user from the available list if required.
      • Clinician (Optional) - Select a clinician from the available list if required.
  4. Select Run.
  5. The detailed Audit Report displays.
  6. Select Print to print the report.